Hypnosis is the fastest, most effective
way to achieve lasting positive results.

Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd
Ph.D. Psychology
D.C.H. (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy)

•American Board of Hypnotherapy
•National Guild of Hypnotists
•Time Line Therapy Association
•American Board of Neurolinguistic
•Medical Hypnotherapy Specialist

•American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
•International Medical and Dental
  Hypnotherapy Association
•International Hypnotherapy Research Institute

Carmel, CA
DrBeeMM@ me.com






Youthing Products...

This program has been transferred to MP3 format and downloadable PDF's.  It is no longer available as CD and Manual.

The Complete CD Youthing Program consists of a manual/workbook and 8 CD's. There is a non-hypnotic introduction to each topic which gives you information that make the hypnotic tracks more meaningful. Then you are given the hypnotic messages. You will go into a deeply relaxed and hypnotic state. Once you learn about hypnosis from the manual and by listening to the first CD you will understand how hypnosis works and know that you are in control at all times and can open your eyes and return to the completely conscious state at any time.  (See below for condensed version)

The program includes 13 Youthing topics and 17 hypnotic messages. (The hypnotic messages are marked by asterisks.)

Youthing: A Hypnotic Approach To Anti-Aging™
Introduction to Youthing
How to Use This Program for Best Results
**Hypnosis. Experiencing the Hypnotic State

Slow Down Aging By Reducing Stress
How Stress Speeds the Aging Process
** Your Hypnotic Stress Reducer
** The Switch Technique for Stress Reduction

Recreating Youthfulness
Recreating Youthfulness Being Young in Spirit
**Recreating Youthfulness Being Young Again with Hypnosis

Nutrition And Weight Control For Youthfulness
Thoughts on Nutrition
** A Youthful Body Image
**Your Youthing Healthy Eating Patterns

Exercise Your Way To Youth
Information on Exercise
** Motivation to Exercise

Health and Wholeness
Health: Introduction
** Hypnosis for Health and Wholeness

Sleep To Youth
Conscious Suggestions for Sleep
** Hypnosis for Restful Sleep

Improving Your Memory
** Improving Memory with Hypnosis

Sensuality Leads To Youthfulness
Introduction to Being Sensual
**Sensuality Through Hypnosis

Your Hypnotic Face Life
**Firming Your Face

Begin and End Your Day to Youth
**Your Morning Message
** Your Evening Message

Instructions for Self-Hypnosis
** Conditioning for Self-Hypnosis
** Instructions for Rapid Self-Hypnosis

Creating a Youthful Future
** Hypnosis to Create a Youthful Future