Hypnosis is the fastest, most effective
way to achieve lasting positive results.

Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd
Ph.D. Psychology
D.C.H. (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy)

•American Board of Hypnotherapy
•National Guild of Hypnotists
•Time Line Therapy Association
•American Board of Neurolinguistic
•Medical Hypnotherapy Specialist

•American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
•International Medical and Dental
  Hypnotherapy Association
•International Hypnotherapy Research Institute

Carmel, CA
DrBeeMM@ me.com



Youthing: A Hypnotic Approach to Anti-Aging™

Now You Can Look, Feel and be Younger by using the Transformative Power of the Mind on Stress and Aging."

Beauty is only skin deep." Traditional anti-aging methods such as cosmetics, injections, and surgery create an outward impression of youthfulness. This can mask the aging process and deterioration that is occurring internally in your bones, organs and cells. True age is not determined by the look of the skin, but by the condition of the whole body and spirit. Authentic youthfulness is reflected in such things as healthy cells, energy, flexibility, vitality, creativity, curiosity, and optimism.

It is well known that the body responds physically to instructions from the mind.  I have developed a unique program that transforms you internally, to slow and even reverse the aging process. Since our cells respond negatively to and deteriorate as a result of influences such as stress, anxiety and some of the things we do to our bodies physically, it follows that our cells also respond to positive influences. Research shows these assumptions to be true. Thoughts--and the subconscious mind (below the level of conscious awareness) do have an effect on physical change.

The "power of positive thinking" has become a cliché. But it does have validity. Yet conscious positive thinking is not nearly as powerful as hypnosis. Using self-hypnotic techniques, change and rejuvenation is faster and more lasting.

I have developed this cutting-edge program "Youthing™" as an add-on to (or instead of) standard "anti-aging" techniques such as cosmetics, injections and surgery.

This program is quite effective in a group setting and can be modified for private or semi-private consultation.  Let me help you look, feel and be young.

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