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Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd
Ph.D. Psychology
D.C.H. (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy)

•American Board of Hypnotherapy
•National Guild of Hypnotists
•Time Line Therapy Association
•American Board of Neurolinguistic
•Medical Hypnotherapy Specialist

•American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
•International Medical and Dental
  Hypnotherapy Association
•International Hypnotherapy Research Institute

Carmel, CA
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Free Yourself from Diets

* In a meta-analysis, comparing the results of adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment across multiple studies, showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and even more importantly increased the effectiveness POST TREATMENT by over 146%. This shows that hypnosis works even better over time (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996).

Most overweight people go one severe diet after another only to gain back more than they weighed before the diet. They are probably motivated by the magazine covers or TV ads that promise diets that take off 10 pounds in a week or less. Fast loss of water weight is not weight control. Weight control means that you are able to reach a good size, shape and weight for your body type and stay within a couple of pounds of that weight for life!! All without feeling deprived. This involves a change of behavior to a healthy lifestyle. When you can change your behavior to the extent that you get rid of 1 to 1 -1 //2 lbs a week, you will be able to get rid of 4 to 6 lbs a month. Not exciting enough for you? How about 52 to 78 lbs in a year? Slow and steady is the permanent way to get rid of weight without suffering. If you are severely overweight, more than 50 lbs, you will probably get rid of more than 6 lbs the first month that you change to a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Bee's customized weight control program Free Yourself From Diets adds the hypnotic messages that will keep you motivated to stay on the right path. This program supports healthy weight control, not "shock treatment" diets that make unreasonable claims.

CD's No longer available. All messages come as MP3's


Get Rid of Excess Weight with Dr. Bee's Hypnotic Motivation Support Messages..

If you are interested in weight loss without pain or deprivation, order Free Yourself From Diets. (this does not include virtual gastric surgery)

Messages include:

1. The New You: Ideal Image

The subconscious needs something to strive for. When you give it the image of a new you (the right size shape and weight) you will find that your daily food and exercise decisions propel you towards your goals.

2. Energy Through Exercise.

It's so easy to postpone exercise. After listening to this message, you will notice that you have positive motivation to get up and exercise.

3. Overcoming Obstacles.

Eliminate habits that stimulate overeating. Do you eat when you are bored, lonely or angry? Change this pattern. These messages embed more appropriate behaviors so that food is no longer used as a band-aid for emotions.

4. Developing Healthy Eating Patterns.

These suggestions hypnotically reinforce the healthy habits you are consciously aware of but find difficult to follow consistently.

5. Overcoming Discouragement.

Listen to this hypnotic message when you get discouraged with your progress or when you think you "blew it." The suggestions remind you that if you "blow it" one day you will easily return to healthy habits the next day. This message also encourages you to be satisfied with slow steady progress.

6. Motivation and Support.

In this message you will get an imaginary advisor that guides you through your person journey. This advisor replaces the critical and self-sabotaging parts of you that have hindered you in the past. This is one of the most powerful messages to keep yourself on track as you become and stay the ? "New You."


Free Yourself From Diets With Virtual Gastric Band Surgery

Wouldn't you prefer to get rid of unwanted weight without the risk and pain of surgery? Even with surgery, people struggle to keep the weight off, and feel the uncomfortable physical effects of a small stomach for years after their procedure. There is an easy painless alternative.

In late 2009 a client asked if I could hypnotize her to think that she had had gastric band surgery so she would eat less without feeling hungry all the time. To quote her:

"It has been six weeks since my weight-loss hypnosis session with you. I am happy to report that I have already lost 12 pounds -- without "dieting." Your suggestions about eschewing fast food and the "virtual gastric band" have worked like charms. I haven't had a bite of fast food, and haven't missed it at all. For me, that is a big change. And the "virtual gastric band" has allowed me to eat small portions and still feel completely satisfied. I no longer need to snack between meals! I estimate that I am saving at least $20 per week on food expense, so even without considering the health benefits, our session will pay for itself in no time. Thank you so much for facilitating such a positive change in my life!" V. D. Salinas, CA.

I followed up a year later. She said everything is going beautifully. She has gotten rid of more weight, participated in a triathlon and is now training for a half marathon.

I have experimented with various forms of this Virtual Gastric Surgery including by hypnotizing myself. Even though I have maintained a healthy weight for many years, my self-hypnosis experience has been amazing. I have been eating smaller portions and feel satisfied. I am motivated to exercise more and I have gotten rid of 5 lbs in one month. The best part, I still eat things I love. If you could easily get rid of 5 pounds in a month, how long would it take you to reach the right size and shape for you? If you are really overweight or obese, you can get rid of more than 5 lbs the first month.

"Four weeks ago I weighed 273. Today I am 259. I haven't been hungry and even went overboard on poker night." L.T. Monterey, CA.



  • 100% safe

  • No need to be obese before qualifying

  • Results can mirror actual surgery.

  • No need to recover from physical assault to body.

  • No Risk

  • No pain



E-Mail DrBeeMM@DrBee.com or call 831-625-3188 to arrange a short free consultation to determine if Virtual Gastric Surgery is right for you. Dr. Bee will customize the program to meet your individual needs. The program will consist of several hypnotic sessions which target your specific issues. The Virtual Surgery can be included. Your sessions will be recorded on CD so you will be able to reinforce at home. Between in person hypnotic sessions you will have phone sessions to track your progress and give you additional suggestions and motivation.

This program is most effective in person over a period of several months. It can be condensed into two consecutive days if you are coming from a distance. Then follow-up or additional sessions can be conducted by phone or Skype.

If you know you are a good hypnotic subject, Skype sessions alone can be effective for you.


7 lbs. Less

How to Avoid Holiday and Vacation Weight Gain & Stop the YoYo.

Prevent weight gain while still having a great time during holidays and vacations. If you have shed pounds in the past and are now at a healthy weight for you-you want to stay there. This CD makes it possible. If you constantly go up 5-10 lbs and then diet for a few weeks to get rid of the extra weight, you can stop the yo-yo. This is your self-hypnotic message to use as a no hassle way to keep weight off easily. You'll avoid that creep that shows up in snugger clothes a draggy feeling or a shock from the scale. By using these self-hypnotic messages, you will never agonize over those 5-10 lbs that somehow show up on your hips.

This brief program is not for significant weight loss, but is for those of you who are at a healthy weight, but struggle to stay there or get back to it after small gains.