Hypnosis is the fastest, most effective
way to achieve lasting positive results.

Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd
Ph.D. Psychology
D.C.H. (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy)

•American Board of Hypnotherapy
•National Guild of Hypnotists
•Time Line Therapy Association
•American Board of Neurolinguistic
•Medical Hypnotherapy Specialist

•American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
•International Medical and Dental
  Hypnotherapy Association
•International Hypnotherapy Research Institute

Carmel, CA
DrBeeMM@ me.com



Hypnosis Improves Performance in Every Area of Life.

Hypnosis helps people overcome fears and blocks that keep them from performing up to their potential in their careers. It helps people overcome limiting beliefs about money, opening the way to creating higher incomes. It is often used to improve student grades and raise test scores.

People who learn and use positive self-hypnosis easily overcome obstacles to success. They gain control over non-productive behaviors; they achieve their professional and personal goals with less stress.

Performance Testimonials

My daughter began to experience test anxiety in middle school. She was a good student but test scores suffered due to lack of confidence taking tests. After one session with Dr. Bee she did so well on finals that her GPA went from 3:10 to 3:40.
G.M., Carmel, CA

I have to tell you I got my first standing ovation at my presentation in Atlanta. I felt unbelievably calm and deliberate and positive as a result of our session and the CD you made for me. I believe in the power of hypnosis but more specifically in you. Thank you. K.E., San Rafael CA. Noted author

The results of hypnosis have been remarkable. I am waking up early with enthusiasm. I feel a sense of inner strength that has not been there for many years. My husband is happier and even the dog approves of the changes. The outcome feels like magic without the hardship of trying to changes.
W.B., Carmel, CA. Celebrity Chef

Since my session with you, the business I bring to the table has more than doubled.
S.B., Los Angeles. Media Sales

I am so much more effective when I give presentations at our regional meetings.
L.S., Monterey, CA. Marketing Director

I released old angers that were in me and holding me back. I now see myself as the CEO that I am. Jobs are coming easier. I feel more respect from those around me. It was a powerful experience. Thank You
K.R., San Francisco. Interior Designer

I raised my score by 22 points, passing the test with proficiency, and now I can get on with my life professionally and otherwise. I continue to have greater creativity and strengthened cognitive skills as a result of our session together.
F. S. Pacific Grove, CA. Teacher

My single private session with Dr. Bee was transformational. It not only enabled me to improve my relations with my mother after years of discord, but allowed me to become a much happier musician who now looks forward to performing even under the most high pressure circumstances.
L.P. Cleveland, OH. Concertmaster

For Golfers...

Hypnosis enhances performance in all sports. Olympic and elite professional athletes have an unspoken "secret weapon" that helps them keep their competitive edge. That secret weapon is self-hypnosis.

Dr. Bee's client list includes:

A Masters Champion
Players on the Ryder and Presidents' Cup Teams
Winners of the Women's Open
Winner of the Senior British Open
Winner of the Canadian Senior Open
Winner of the European Open
Winner of the Tradition
Winners of the U.S. Amateur
Juniors: Winners of many full ride college scholarships
Teaching professional and Club pros
Serious Amateurs

and more hackers than she can name.

Do you want to be an extraordinary performer like Dr. Bee's Champion golf clients? Or is your goal to get through tough tests in school, or overcome the blocks that keep your income in a comfort zone? Hypnosis makes all this and more possible.

Consult with Dr. Bee in person or on the phone and get dramatic results with customized individual training:

Bring out your best, play in the "Zone" on command, remain calm and in control under pressure and increase your wins. Heighten your concentration.

One session to ongoing consultation. Programs with or without hypnosis. All Programs customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

Yip Cures a Specialty

Why continue to suffer discouragement and embarrassment trying different grips, putters, and techniques to no avail. Yips are easily eliminated in about 3 hours with Dr. Bee's special hypnotic technique. You can quickly and easily eliminate yips and other blocks to performance on the course.

"Your techniques worked wonders, I tried everything but this really works. A ten-year problem with yips and putting is over after only two sessions with you. It's almost miraculous. As an added bonus, the good feelings have spilled over into other areas of my life. Thanks so much for what your work has done for my game."
Head Professional at a private club.

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